You finally made a leap and invested in a reliable truck, for a smooth running business. You can run it hard but take care of it at the same time. Remember it’s more than just a truck, it’s your business and your workhorse so take care of it. If the truck is not so new anymore you must especially take care of it, not only as the owner but as the driver as well. It is part of your work force, does your business and is the face of your company.

Taking good care of your truck ensures that you don’t have to spend money on a new truck every year or two. Here are a few ways to take care of your truck without spending a lot of money.

    • Check and change all oils regularly. Nothing else will help an engine last longer than proper oil and filter changes when it is necessary. While not requiring a frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to your truck’s service plans. Always use transmission fluid or gear oil of the recommended type and thickness. Change brake fluid when necessary and bleed the truck once a year. Neglecting your engine will destroy it faster than you think.
    • Check that your cooling system gets flushed and changed once a year. A mix of half coolant and half water will help keep the cooling system of your truck in good shape and will also help to prevent corrosion from the inside of the truck.
    • Every moving part of the truck needs lubrication, so make sure that all parts are regularly greased for longevity. Poor lubrication can cause parts to break prematurely and will then need to be replaced.
    • Regular inspections in and around the truck are required every week, just to make sure that everything is still in working order and nothing hangs lose or is broken.
  • Keep it clean. Cleaning your truck on the inside and outside is good, but it must also be cleaned underneath too, as debris and dirt gets pulled in underneath. Hosing it off is a good idea as it gets rid of all unwanted grime and dirt. Apply wax once a year to keep the truck protected and in good condition.

These are few ways to take care of your truck. Investing in quality truck parts another way to ensure that your truck remains in good condition for a longer period.

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