During the holiday season there are more vehicles on the road than at any other time of the year. It is the time of the year when the schools are closed and most people take their annual vacation. More cars are sharing the road with cargo trucks so truck drivers need to take extra precautions when travelling to their destinations.

Certain countries have cities that are far apart and it may take a day or two to reach the destination. Driving for this length of time introduces fatigue and exhaustion. A truck driver needs to manage their drive carefully to avoid fatigue. It is recommended that the driver make regular stops at every fuel station and take a short brisk walk. This will allow for the circulation in your legs to improve as you were probably sitting and driving for about 3 to 4 hours. Getting out of the vehicle also allows you to get fresh air which your brain and body will need to proceed on the journey.

While you are driving, be extra careful when trying to overtake another vehicle. Check that you cannot see any cars in the distance. Many people underestimate the distance and the speed of the oncoming car, and this is when accidents occur. Be especially careful if you have a trailer hooked. The swerving out and back into the lane motion of overtaking can cause your trailer to sway if you overtake too quickly. The swaying trailer could cause you to lose control of the vehicle and make an accident.

Avoid driving beyond the yellow line. You don’t know if there is a vehicle or pedestrian that is stranded on the shoulder of the highway. If you are driving at a high speed, you will not be able to stop in time so you could hit that vehicle or swerve uncontrollably. Rather be safe in the correct lane and stick to the speed limit. Trucks should drive a bit slower than the speed limit as they require a longer stopping distance.

The truck driver should do a safety check of the truck and trailer before he departs on his journey. Check that there are no loose hanging parts that could fall off during the journey. Ensure that all the truck and trailer parts are serviced so that the vehicle is able to endure the long drive.

These are some truck safety tips that drivers should practice while sharing the road with other vehicles during the holiday season. The added safety will ensure that you arrive at your destination and that no one else’s holiday is affected by carelessness.

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