Max Titan O.U Suspension

Introducing the MAX O.U. Mechanical suspension

Amongst all the bad news that’s been surrounding the transport industry of late, finally comes some good and exciting news

A change that the industry has been waiting for, the MAX TITAN O.U. Suspension. Design Patent No: F2015/01583A – F2015/01584A – F2015/01586. O.U. stands for Over-slung and Underslung. Yes, you read correctly! One type of hanger which can be used both, in over-slung & underslung trailer applications.




  • Increased strength of up to 20% compared to normal mechanical suspensions.
  • Decrease in weight – Up to 15% lighter in weight than a normal mechanical suspension.
  • A trailer manufacturers delight! No more confusion between over & underslung hangers. One type of hanger for both front link & rear link.
  • A further advantage for trailer builders is that on a tri-axle and rear link, the chassis height is reduced by 70mm which has a tremendous knock-on effect of benefits;
  • The weight of the trailer is reduced, saving you R 30/kg which adds up to approximately half a ton. With an average annual mileage of 850 000km per rig, multiply that by R30???
  • Less manufacturing costs due to less material used.
  • For the end-user, extra payload per trip of up to half a ton.

Everyone wins!

  • Stock holding becomes a breeze when you stock just one type of hanger as opposed to always having to make sure you have F Hangers and J Hangers in stock.

A first of its kind, exclusively designed & manufactured in South Africa by TSE Big Max. A POWERFUL, yet lightweight mechanical suspension made from imported high tensile alloy will without a doubt have a great influence within the industry especially when it comes to huge

savings, to both the trailer manufacturer as well as the end user.

*See brochure for fitment and other technical information* for brochure click here

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