Trailer Axles

Manufactured Trailer Axles in South Africa

TSE Big Max’s workshop manufactures trailer axles with the latest technical standards and precise production tolerances. Our axles are all SABS approved.

Our competitive edge is set through the use of locally produced high grade raw materials and design features such as:

Outboard brake drums
Equal size large diameter wheel bearings
Dust-proofed seal bushing
Self-aligned spherical camshaft bearings
Selecting the proper trailer axle:

When selecting a trailer axle remember to consider the following important specifications:

Load capacity
The load rating of the axle must support the maximum gross vehicle weight rating. When dealing with multiple axle trailers divide the gross vehicle weight rating by the number of axles, to determine the minimum load capacity of each axle.

Track length
The axle track length can be measured by determining the distance between the centre of one tyre to the other.

Spring centres
Measure the distance from the centre of one spring to the centre of another spring.

Overall length
Measure the distance from the very end of an axle’s spindle to the very end of the opposite spindle.

Axle style
This includes straight axles (round or square), drop axles with offset spindles and torsion axles.

Axle camber
Camber can be affected by damage to the axle. E.g. If the axle spindle is bent, this will usually cause a negative camber on that side, which will cause excess tread wear on the inside of that tyre.

Our intimate and careful attention to detail allows us to create trailer axles of the highest quality, ensuring that all products are of outstanding standard for each and every customer. Examples of our attention to detail includes aspects such as:

Both our brake drum and hub are machines externally to minimise imbalance and the resultant wear and tear on suspension components as well as tyres.

For more information on manufactured trailer axles, contact us today.

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