Suspension Parts for Trucks and Trailers

TSE Big Max’s suspensions are designed and manufactured for the rough South African roads. Our suspensions are strong, robust and long lasting, catering for maximum usage over rough terrain with heavy loads.

TSE Big Max cc suspensions are available in:BIG MAX AIR SUSPENSION

  • Mechanical suspension: Overslung and underslung
  • 8-blade and 9-balde spring packs
  • Complete Air Suspensions

Our suspensions are supplied standard with rubber torque and rocker bushes. Polyurethane torque rod and rocker bushes in clear are also available in our suspension programme, catering for the more rugged conditions. The torque rod and rocker pins are of En9 Grade.

Air suspension is specially designed to moderate shock and minimise vibration, and work in tandem with the shock absorbers, making this set-up the ideal choice for the transportation of sensitive freight such as food stuff or delicate equipment.

At TSE Big Max, we thrive ourselves on providing solutions to common suspension problems. Our experienced team will gladly assist with advice on product selection or product installation support.

With TSE Big Max’s suspension, you are guaranteed quality, reliability and excellent after-sales service. For more information on suspensions, contact TSE Big Max today.

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