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JOST Equipment South Africa

TSE Big Max is one of two companies who are official agents of JOST Equipment, the leading manufacturer of components for commercial vehicles. We are agents to the South African and other African countries aftermarket, and have been the top JOST agent for two years running.

Our thanks goes out to our loyal customers, who have allowed us to maintain our spot as the top JOST agent. We have also been JOST approved to undergo component inspections on trailers on site. This is just another reason to be rest assured that the quality of products are of the highest standard possible at TSE Big Max.

At our company, expert advice is given on how to maintain your JOST products and use them at their optimum. Our varied and impressive range of stock is also marked at excellent prices from JOST.

Such JOST products include:

  • Landing legs
  • Fifth wheels
  • Tow hitches
  • Tow eyes
  • And all JOST components

TSE Big Max are also suppliers of all HYVA and OMFB hydraulic equipment for your convenience. This ranges from P.T.O’s to cylinders and moving floors to power packs and more. The juxtaposition of our product variation and expert advice gives you the best solution for your trucking requirements.

For more information on JOST equipment and hydraulics, contact our sales team today.

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